Cock Blocker Gate Pedal

It's been a great run!

Unfortunately, the presale for the SMG Cock Blocker Pedal has ended!

Cock Blocker Gate Pedal


Annihilate Guitar & Amp Noise Once & For All!

More Than Just Your Regular Gate Pedal.

With regular gate pedals, you can either plug them in before or after your FX Loop. Both solutions are not ideal - especially with high-gain sounds!

This pedal features a advanced circuitry which measures the signal coming out of your guitar/bass, as well as your effects loop, to give you the perfect noise reduction for any playstyle and amp setting.

"It's really important to have hum-free, complete silence between chunky riffs!"

- Jen Majura - Evanescence

"It's really important to have hum-free, complete silence between chunky riffs!"

- Jen Majura - Evanescence

Suited For Any Genre & Tone.

Due to its advanced circuits, the SMG Cock Blocker interacts perfectly with any playstyle & Amp-tone:  

Are you a Blues player who appreciates long, sustained notes, looking to maintain the subtleties of your playing? 

Turn the knob to the way to the left and achieve unnoticable fade outs.  

Are you a Metalhead, playing chunky high-gain riffs? Turn the knob to the right and get immediate cutoffs, which accentuate the rhythm of your playing.  

ATTENTION (Advanced Users Only): You can also choose any setting in between! ;-)

Simple, Yet Highly Effective

The SMG Cock Blocker is so easy to use, even Bass Players can manage! 😉

Watch fellow Youtuber Henning put this pedal to the test →

Beating The Competition By Over $100!

There are very few pedals that kill noise as effectively as the SMG Cock Blocker. And the ones that can compete will set you back $360!

With SMG, my mission is enable YOU to record better music today, not to drain your pockets dry.

That's why I've decided to launch this handmade pedal for only $219, including FREE shipping to anywhere in the world!

Make the smart move and preorder the ONLY gate pedal you'll ever need now.  

Preorder the SMG Cock Blocker!

Preorder for just $219!

The SMG Cock Blocker Pedal will be handcrafted and shipped to you in 3 months.

Cock Blocker Gate Pedal