Join our FIRST live Masterclass
in the incredible city of Austin, Texas.


Learn Music Production From A 11-time Grammy Nominated, Multi-Platium Producer:
Joe Carrell

Record At One Of The Most Beautiful
High-End Studios in Texas

In this Masterclass, we will spend 3 days producing, recording, and mixing multiple songs at one of the most beautiful studios in the world: Warm Audio Studios, Austin.

This studio is a charming, yet incredibly spacious studio with fantastic sounding live rooms.

Set in epicenter of music culture: Austin, Texas, USA.

The equipment at the studio second to none. With SSL consoles, Focal and ATC Speakers, a huge wealth of Pre Amps and Dynamics , as well as a huge mic locker and amp collection: We'll have all of the tools we need to produce music at the highest level.

From the equipment to the space, all the way to a one-of-a-kind, feel-good atmosphere.

Warm Audio Studios checks all of the boxes to make this Masterclass the experience of a lifetime.

Sign up today, and spend 3 days producing music at the studio of your dreams!

Have A Multi-Platinum Producer
Guide You Through The Entire
Music Production Process

In this class, you'll be mentored by no other than the king of dark chocolate, Joe Carrell, 11-time Grammy Nominated producer and mentor of Produce Like A Pro.

Over his extensive career, Joe has worked with artists like
Thousand Foot Krutch, Tasji Bachman, Sanctus Real, Pauline Reese, and many others.

This Masterclass is your chance to get in on his recording and mixing techniques, and experience the entire production process live and in person!

Not only that: You'll be able to help set up microphones,
ask questions as we move through the session, and become part of the production yourself.

Take Songs From Rough Demo To A
Full-Blown, Professional Production

We'll work with an incredible local band and transform their demos into full-blown productions. By adding parts, harmonies, sound textures, switching up melodies, tempo, you name it..

These are real songs by real artists, intended for release.

So we'll do whatever is neccessary to make these songs a hit. The techniques will of course vary from song to song!

We've made sure to pick
songs in different styles, and with different instrumentation, so you'll get so see a wide variety of production approaches, and draw inspiration for your future projects.

You'll get to see Joe's thought process and decision-making, watch him work out parts and communicate with the band, and understand how a world-class production is brought to life, step by step.

Capture Pristine Recordings
(...that sound so good, they'll basically mix themselves!)

Why do professional releases sound so much better than anything most of us can produce?

I'll give you a hint: It's not their gear!

It's the quality of recordings they start with in the first place!

In this class, you'll learn professional recording techniques to capture tracks so good, all you have to do is pull up the faders. - And you're 80% to the final mix.

While the final productions are not set in stone yet, we can promise you a few topics that will be covered:

  • Capture the perfect drum recording: Do you want to achieve a natural, organic drum sound, or do you prefer tight, modern, in-your-face drums? After taking this class, you'll understand a wide variety of recording techniques, so you can cherry pick the best approach for every song!
  • Craft pro guitar & bass tracks that sound exactly the way you imagine them: Learn how to meticulously shape your tone by dialing in amps, miking techniques, pedals & more...
  • Record pristine vocals: Vocal recording sounds easy: Put up a mic and that's it, right?! Well... there are many subtle details that you can use to greatly enhance your sound. We'll also touch on vocal production/coaching the signer to deliver their best performance!
  • Piano & Synths

Depending on our productions take shape, we'll cover a bunch of other instruments and recording approaches as well!

Craft Huge 3-Dimensional Mixes

On the last days of the class, Joe will guide you through mixing our brand-new songs. And teach you how to bring out the final 20-30% of energy, excitement and dimension in your music.

Learn how to use Compression, EQ, Effects, and more to:

  • Create clarity and impact in the mix
  • Give each instrument it's own space
  • Craft a deep, 3-dimensional soundstage

Depending on your interests, Joe will focus more heavily on in the box mixing, go hybrid, or mix completely analogue.

In either case, we'll try to give you a combination of all of them, so you can get the maximum knowledge and experience out of this class.

Further Details

3-day recording workshop with Joe Carrell at Warm Audio Studios in the Austin, Texas: June 7th to 9th, 2023

  • 4 nights of accommodation at Hyatt Place Austin close to the studio are included with this class. (Breakfast Included)
  • “Studio Live Sessions” participant certificate.
  • You will also receive a 25% discount from a studio session at Warm Audio Studios during 2023
  • Recommended date of arrival: 6th of June, 2023.
    Departure: 10th of June, 2023.